Database Administrator details:
Job Title :
Database Administrator
Job Code :
Job Department :
Information Technology Department
Accountabilities /Position summary:
  • Reliability of Ops. system & IT application services (e.g. website, in-house solutions) for 24*7.
  • Responsible for installation of database software.
  •  Responsible for forwarding all new relevant information within the DB area to the IT-manager, and as such giverecommendations for all needed actions to be taken within the DB-area.
  • Act as a consultant to all other employees within the IT for concerning DB matters.
  • Develop queries & reports upon request from the company management.
  • Responsible for that the performance of company’ databases within the internal SLA.
  • Responsible for that the company has backup and recovery in place concerning all databases.
  • Responsible for the security of the company’s databases.
Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • University degree in computer science or related discipline.
  • At least 3 years experience working as a DBA, and 5 years demonstrable experience at the IT systems development.
  • Application design, development and implementation of complex database projects.
  • Must be considered expert within ORACLE, MS SQL, ODBCs, and UNIX environments.
  • High analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated and can work in both team and individual.
  • Strong skills in Web development are essential.

Safety Supervisor details:
Job Title :
Safety Supervisor
Job Code :
Job Department :
HSSE Department
Accountabilities /Position summary:
  • Performs various duties and activities related to safe working practices and procedures
  • Responds to all emergencies in the port and renders assistance. Responds as an Emergency Team member in cases of accident, fire, oils spill or other incidents in the port or surrounding area.
  • Performs various duties and activities related to safety responsibilities for the port:
  • Conducts safety inspections of work areas, advising supervisory personnel of observed safety hazards, violation of safety rules and regulations, and prepares safety inspection reports for the head of department.
  • Advises supervisory personnel of appropriate personal protective equipment for workers.
  • Investigates work related injuries, following trends, conducting thorough investigations, and recommending various solutions, including better communications, training, modifications to work methods or equipment, and the like.
  • Keeps records of all inspections and investigations, for both fire and safety matters.
  • Assists with training instruction for company personnel in health/safety related areas.
Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
  • Requires college degree in safety management, environmental science, police science or related discipline. 
  • Requires at least five years of safety and/or fire fighting experience, either in the public or private sector & at least two years of supervisory experience. 
  • Requires an understanding of chemical hazards and hazardous materials and the corresponding appropriate handling of them.
  • Requires full understanding of local safety laws and regulations.
  • Requires an understanding of international standards of safe work practices for the industry.
  • Requires an understanding of work injuries, the investigation process to determine cause, and the process to assess practical solutions.

Systems Developer details:
Job Title :
Systems Developer
Job Code :
Job Department :
Information Technology Department
Accountabilities /Position summary:
  • Designs, develops and maintains software.
  • Manages all issues related to application documentation.
  • Develops programming specifications.
  • Creates program source code, testing and debugging.
  • Determines interrelationships with other systems, both manual and computerized, to ensure compatibility.
  • Analyzes programs for ease of implementation and various data conversions.
  • Analyzes, reviews and rewrites programs to increase operating efficiency.
  • Tests code under all possible scenarios, creates the test cases.
  • Supports software environment, as needed, during off business hours.
Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • Bsc. Degree in Computer Science or any relevant education and experience.
  • Four years of application development experience using Microsoft technologies
  • C#, VB 6, Visual Studio, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL, PL/SQL ,T-SQL
  • Self-motivated.
  • High problem solving skills.
  • High analytical skills.
  • Database analysis & design.
  • Graphics development.
  • Web development.
  • SQL-Server/Oracle databases environment knowledge.
  • Work under stress.

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